About Coppermill Engineering

At Coppermill Engineering, we are specialists in the design and manufacture of yacht deck fittings. Since 1970, we have provided these components to customers in Bath, Manchester, and Worcester. Alongside this we’ve provided swaging and skiving machines, specialist gearknobs, and security camera parts. We give you everything you need to run a yacht safely, and we’re proud of the products that we create.

Experienced Hands

We have more than 45 years of experience, and in that time we’ve done some great work. The railways, marine hydraulics, the automotive industry, and security companies have all benefited from our family run business. We now use this experience to provide you with the best service, and this helps us to provide our services even more

Excellent Prices, Work, and Attitude

We offer very competitive prices to all of our customers, without compromising on our quality. This allows us to foster an excellent working relationship with each person we work with, and this makes for a much more personalised service. At Coppermill Engineering, we always put you first, and ensure that you’re happy with every stage of work.